Frequently Asked Questions

Hamper runs it’s delivery system off of a block scheduling system, and we operate 7 days a week! You can use our site or download our iOS/Android app to schedule. Simply select your preferred pickup and delivery time (ranging from the morning to evening) and specify your service address. Once the order has been placed, one of our Hamper runners will text you when they are en route to your location.
Currently, our turnaround time is 2 days. However, in most cases we can accommodate next day delivery for an express fee (ranging from an additional $4.99-$9.99). Just let us know in the special instructions box that you would like next day delivery and we will try our best to accommodate!
Using our website or mobile app, select the time and location of pickup and delivery. Once the order is placed, you will receive an email confirming your pickup. A Hamper driver will text you 15 minutes before pickup and you upon arrival. We will then return your garments back to you at the time and the address you’ve chosen. If you have any special instructions, please let us know in the ‘special instructions’ box!
All of our dry cleaning and laundry is done in-house! Dry cleaning has been a family business of ours for over 28 years, and we only trust ourselves to do an exceptional job with your garments!
Hamper’s mission is to make high quality dry cleaning and laundry affordable for all Houstonians. That being said, we made sure that our prices were cheaper or on par with your current cleaners. Mens dress shirts are $1.99 and regular garment dry cleaning is $3.99. Wash and fold laundry is $1.99/lb. You can view our full price list here.
Up to you! If you are home, we will pickup and deliver to you in person. However, if you would like to leave your Hamper bag at the front door or with concierge/leasing office, you can do so. Just let us know in the instructions box so our runner knows where to pickup and deliver to!
Yes! All first time customers will get their own Hamper bag tagged with their information on it. If your using us for the first time, feel free to use an existing bag and the Hamper runner will bring a bag for your first order. If you give us another bag, we will return that to you along with your own Hamper bag at the time of delivery.
No, Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning need to be in separate bags - simply leave us a note with which one is which. Laundry will be returned folded and neatly stacked inside the bag, and dry cleaning will be returned hung. We will provide an additional bag upon request/delivery for both services.
We ask that you ensure all items have been removed from your pockets prior to pick-up. In the event that we do find items in your pockets, we'll return them along with your garments.
Yes, we clean bed linens, curtains, duvets, comforters and rugs, however, some household items require a bit more attention and might be delivered on the second subsequent delivery day, after pick up.
Yes we do! Alteration prices range from $9.99 to $16.99+ on the type of work needed. But to give you an idea, hemming costs $9.99 and taking the wait in/out costs $12.99. If you would like us to call you with a price quote before proceeding, just let us know in the special instructions and we’ll call you.
We are very careful to protect buttons in the laundering process and we replace our press pads frequently. However, shirt buttons are subjected to high heat and become brittle over time. Eventually, some buttons may break and, if we find a cracked or missing button, we closely match it and replace it for you. If a delivered item has a broken button, then let us know at and we will fix it at no extra charge.
Yes, we do! We clean and preserve wedding dresses, and return them packaged in a box.
A small delivery fee of $4.99 is applied to all pickup and delivery orders. This delivery fee goes straight to our runner in the form of a tip.