About Us

3 generations in the business

Building Off Of 28 Years in Business

Spinning off our Family's business since 1994!

Our founders were raised in the family dry cleaning business. They grew up spending summer breaks helping out at the cleaners. One thing they always noticed was how inconvenient dry cleaning was for customers. From having to stop at the cleaners before or after a long day at work, working around the cleaner’s hours, and having to go back 2 days later to pick up your stuff. The entire process is a hassle!

In 2016, we realized that Houstonians were spending more time in traffic, and less time with their families. So we came up with a concept to completely flip the dry cleaning experience. We wanted on-demand dry cleaning available everywhere, all day. Yes… even Sundays, holidays & late nights.

In order to serve Houston with 24/7, on-demand dry cleaning we built our team and created Hamper. Because we don’t have rent expense or facility cost, we’re able to offer our service at an affordable rate while maintaining high-quality garment care. Since we are removing the need for a brick-and-mortar storefront and coming straight to your door, we are able to reduce our overhead and in turn – reduce our prices by passing the savings on to our customer! 

What we stand for

Our Core Values

From our Founders to our Runners, our core values are the foundation of our company.

Obsessed with Delivering Happiness

We started Hamper with the intention to bring customers value and make them happier. Today, we focus on ensuring that every part of the process brings happiness to our customers.

Innovation at Our Core

Innovation has been our driving force since we started Hamper. Whether it was our technology or by innovating our customer experience, innovation is at our core.

Consistently Aim to Achieve More

Consistency is the most important thing in our business, and we want to ensure consistency in everything we offer. From our quality to the experience of using Hamper, we aim to surpass expectations each time.

Create a Positive Impact

Relentlessly focus on the needs of our customers, coworkers, and employees to positively impact anyone that comes in contact with our company.

Constantly LearningImproving

We believe in always learning and growing as individuals and as a company. May it be learning from our customer or each other, we are always improving and growing.

Live with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

We adapt, we anticipate the future, and we embrace innovation. We get uncomfortable in knowing that if we're not continuously improving and evolving, we're falling behind for our team and for our customers.

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