Dry Cleaning in 3 simple steps

How It Works

Dropping of at a Hamper kiosk is quick and simple. Follow the on-screen prompts to simply drop off and let us know when you'd like it returned!

Enter your Mobile Number

Enter your mobile number so we know who we're working with.

Scan Your Hamper Bag

Scan the Hamper bag you are dropping off. This will associate the bag ID to your order.

Drop off & Go

Drop off into the kiosk after scanning, and let us know when you'd like it back!

new customer?

1st Time Using Hamper?

Did your building just launch a Hamper kiosk? Here is some information for first time customers

Do I need to sign up before my 1st drop off?

You can either sign up online before dropping off, or you can sign up at the kiosk during your 1st drop off. When you enter your number in as a new customer, we'll recognize that your not in our system just yet and ask you for some information!

My building doesn't have lockers. Where do you drop off?

If you're building doesn't have pickup lockers, we'll deliver your dry cleaning back to your office suite! Just let us know when we text you prior to delivery what you prefer! We can even leave it in your office or with the receptionist!

Is there a minimum order size I need to have?

Nope! Since we're picking up multiple orders from the kiosk, we don't require a minimum order size for our kiosk customers.

What if I'm busy at work when you come?

You'll get a text message ~15 minutes before delivery. If you're unable to meet us, just let us know and we can reschedule to later that day or the next day!

Is there a delivery fee?

Nope! Kiosk customers don't have a delivery fee or any additional fees.

Can I drop off at the kiosk and have it delivered back at home?

In order to keep our logistics streamlined and to keep minimums and fees out of the picture, we unfortunately don't deliver to other locations.

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