How It Works

Home Pickup & Delivery

Use our home pickup and delivery service to schedule time around your schedule to get dry cleaning and/or laundry picked up and delivered. Simply schedule on our site or by using our iOS/Android app! During your pickup you'll receive a text from our runner when they're on the way!

1. Schedule your order

To get started, schedule your order here or via our iOS/Android app. Select your pickup window, delivery window, confirm your address, add a card on file, and input any instructions you have for us!

2. Pickup

During your pickup window, you will receive an automated text message from our runner when they mark your order as "started" on their driver app. You will also be able to track your driver in real time to see when they are there!

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3. Cleaning

Your garments are taken to our facility and processed accordingly. During the process, you can view the status and where in the process your clothes are at! 

4. Delivery

Garments are delivered during the time window you selected. You will get a heads up when we're on the way, and your order will be updated with your total and itemized receipt for you to review. Your card on file won't be charged until we deliver! 

Building off Our Family Business Since 1994

Our founders were raised in the family dry cleaning business. They grew up spending summer breaks at the cleaners. One thing they always noticed was how inconvenient dry cleaning was for customers. From having to stop at the cleaners before or after a long day at work, working around the cleaner’s hours, and having to go back 2 days later to pick up your stuff. The entire process is a hassle!

In 2016, we realized that Houstonians were spending more time in traffic, and less time with their families. So we came up with a concept to completely flip the dry cleaning experience. We wanted on-demand dry cleaning available everywhere, all day. Yes… even Sundays, holidays & late nights.

In order to serve Houston with 24/7, on-demand dry cleaning we built our team and started Hamper. Because we don’t have rent expense or facility cost, we’re able to offer our service at an affordable rate while maintaining high-quality garment care. Since we are removing the need for a brick-and-mortar storefront and coming straight to your door, we are able to reduce our overhead and in turn – reduce our prices by passing the savings on to our customer! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to separate my dry cleaning from my laundry?

Yes - If you have both dry cleaning and wash and fold laundry then we request that you have them bagged separately! This will allow us to process each accurately based on your preference.

What is the difference between laundered and pressed shirts & dry cleaned?

Most cotton dress shirts are laundered and pressed, but can also be dry cleaned. We refer to the garment care instructions when cleaning all garments!

Do I get a bag with my first order?

Yes! Your Hamper runner will bring a bag with him/her for your first order! Feel free to place your clothes in a disposable bag for your 1st order, and we'll assign a Hamper bag to you that you will get returned with your order for you to keep!

What is the turnaround time?

We have a 2 day turnaround time, with a next day option for an additional express fee.

Is the a delivery fee?

We do have a $4.99 delivery fee, however that includes both the pickup and the delivery back to you and it actually goes straight to your Hamper runner!

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